Increased fees/tax:
In order for us to afford an extension of the festival, fees for covering the ticket processing fees needed to be increased. We have tried our best to keep it as affordable as possible, and really appreciate your understanding on this.

Technical difficulties (for live streams only):
We do the best we can. But sometimes there are unexpected challenges with the stream that we will have to work through. This might mean that a show will start a few minutes late due to technical difficulties but please don’t worry - if this happens, we will work diligently to get things sorted out and streaming as quickly as possible.

Refund Policy:
As a member of the global Fringe Festival movement, we are bound by certain mandates. One of these is that there are no refunds. 100% of box office proceeds go back to the artists., and we respectfully ask that, if you are not able to view the show you purchased tickets for, please consider your ticket cost as a donation to support these incredible artists. Or feel free to share your show link with a friend or family member who might enjoy seeing these shows in your place!

Please note that if there are any technical issues your show may begin a few minutes late. If these issues are not resolved, and the show is unable to stream at this timeslot, your tickets will transfer over to the next days viewing of that show and you will be provided with access via a new link. In the event that this occurs on the final day of the festival, an additional viewing of the show will be scheduled.

Need Help? If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out: or 705-975-0761

Your tickets are being purchased from Fringe North (the organizer).

Tickit's services are limited to generating and delivering tickets and forwarding your payment to the organizer. Tickit’s fees for this service are non-refundable.

All communications or disputes regarding ticket order refunds, chargebacks, changes, disruptions and cancellation are between you and the organizer. Tickit will be not be liable or responsible in any way for refunds or chargebacks in connection with the organizer's events.